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The reasons are multiple:
Insuring a safety and a continuity of service in case of power cut off by the usual supplier.
Feeding in the best cost during the periods of strong prices of the distributor.
Replacing it in zones not connected to any electricity network

The lack of safety and backup facilities may be unacceptable in some processes of production, and blow a hole in the accounts of a company.

Whatever the use of the group, and its power, cheaPower will find a solution for you on second-hand generators market.
For the needs for low power, (often intended for the house, the trade, or navigation), cheaPower will put you in relation to distributors more specialized in small powers.

There are many offers and the characteristics of the proposed machines are very diverse,
that is why you have to define your need as exactly as possible . 
The indications below have to guide you in your reflection, and help you to define the parameters which you will type in the request form of cheaPower's site.

Do not hesitate to ask questions by e-mail. Our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.


The incidence of the usage is consequent on the choice of the product and its price.
In help, the generator serves a number of limited hours, but should have to start automatically.
In permanent use, if it is the main electrical source, its potential of use must be important, and thus the search will concern a less used or recently reconditioned equipment.


This is the first parameter to be defined, which characterizes the group, and strongly influences the price.
You can express the power in kilowatts kW or in Kilovolt-amperes kVA.
Be careful, there is a variable factor between these two units (of the order of 0.8) the power expressed in kVA is always stronger than in kW. (See the explanations in cosPHI page).

This power must be calculated by taking into account all the powers of your equipments, and sometimes raised to take into account calls of power to the starting up, for certain equipments.

Define this fundamental parameter with the help of your electrician.



Three parameters that everybody knows:  

Is your electrical network SINGLE-PHASE OR THREE-PHASE?  
- For the house, he can be single-phase
- For important powers as well as in industrial and commercial environment,it is most certainly three-phase.
- In single-phase, the tension is generally 220 V, or 110 V,
- in three-phase, it is from 380 to 400 V,
- for the strong powers, it may be 5000 V.

But maybe you will need a transformer (to adapt the tension of the generator to that of your specific use).

Two frequencies: 50 Hz (Europe, Africa, Asia), and 60 Hz ( North America)
The speed of rotation is 1500 rpm in 50 Hz and of 1800 rpm in 60 Hz.


Choice according to your source of local supply, its cost, etc... There are advantages and disadvantages bound to each of the possible fuels:
o Easy to find
o Very flammable
o Storage period not exceeding one year
o Expensive
o Limited to the small powers

o Easy to find
o Economic
o 24 months conservation

o Economic 
o Clean Combustion
o No filling
o Availability according areas


Will your group be installed inside? outside? Must it be SOUNDPROOFED?

The cost increases with the required protections, but

If the generator is installed outside: ask for a hooded version.
If the group group must be silent: ask for a SOUNDPROOF version.


You wish to store more fuel to increase your autonomy, ask for an additional TANK.

Emergency power unit: it is very significant, for your SAFETY, and that of your equipment, to envisage a means on connection of the emergency power unit on your network, to prevent any risk of accident in the event of re-establishment of the electrical current provided by your distributor. See CIRCUIT BREAKER, REVERSER, SWITCH, electrical equipment box.


Stocks of surplus and unutilised equipment accumulate more quickly than one can sell them, takes invaluable place in the warehouses and absorbs capital even in companies with very fast growth. This material is often an unexploited source of income for its owners.
This material is invisible in the majority of the companies. The majority of the companies pay great attention to the management of the logistic chain, but very little are interested in management of the nonproductive assets' surpluses.

CheaPower is one of first Internet broking websites to supply an effective approach of the management of the assets' surpluses, through its international network of partners.


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